Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Headaches, Diet Pepsi, and Chopped.

That's on the menu for tonight.  I'm drinking Diet Pepsi (YUCK) because there is no other soda in the house, and it has caffeine in it, so I'm hoping that MAYBE it will help get rid of this damn headache.  So far (3/4 of the can in) it isn't helping.  What WOULD probably help is me shutting off this silly computer and going to bed.  But that would be the easy answer. :P

Ava didn't want to go to sleep tonight for some mom got her down before 10, and she went to bed, then about 10 minutes later, I heard Ava, and went to check on her, and sure enough, she was wide awake.  I brought her back out into the living room, and rocked her some more, and after fussing (half assed anyways) for about a half hour, she finally zonked out, and has been down for almost an hour.  Hopefully this means that she will sleep in some in the morning, so that I can too.  We'll see what happens. ;)

I'm watching Chopped on the Food Network, mainly because there is NOTHING else on, at least not anything that interests me, but I really should be going to bed.  My mom is keeping my youngest nephew tomorrow for my brother and sister in law, so I'm going to have to be up somewhat early.  I need to call and see about getting a haircut tomorrow too.  We're having family pictures taken this weekend.  My brother and sister in law from San Antonio are coming over, and so it's going to be a 11 person affair. :P  Well, 10 1/2, because Ava's not a running around, talking, screaming because they are bored person yet. :)  Give her another year or  It'll be nice, because Joe, Ava and I will have our first professional family picture taken, and I'm really excited about that.  Hence the need for the haircut.  It's really unruly these days, and so I want the stylist to cut it and show me how to style it so that it looks nice for the pictures.  A lot of people haven't seen my haircut, because I've not posted a picture of it, but after Ava was born....she was probably 7 weeks or so, I cut it all off.  Well, not all of it, but it's above my shoulders.  It barely hits my collar, and it just doesn't do much of anything.  So, we'll see what Mom's stylist can do for me.

Well, it's almost midnight, and I really should get to bed.  I know that I'll have to be up by about 8 or so, since my nephew will be coming around 8:30.  I love getting to spend time with him, so it should prove to be a fun day.  I have to pick Joe up from work, and we have to run to Walmart, and then I have Weight Watchers tomorrow night, and Joe and I may go to chinese for dinner afterwards.  We'll have to see what Mom and Dad want to do, and if they want to go with us.  Although mexican sounds awful good too......we'll just have to see.

Stay safe, and be blessed my friends, until we meet again.

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