Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reflecting over the last year..........

Here it is New Year's Eve 2013....already.  I sit here and reflect over the last year, and I realize that even though it has been a tough year, we've been REALLY blessed.

We've moved twice, made a trip back to Illinois to see friends and family, I got 2 new jobs, we got two new (to us) vehicles, the kids have grown by leaps and bounds, I joined MOPS, and a Bible study that I adore attending, we lost Hubby's uncle, gained a new member to the family (well, not completely yet, but soon), gained friends, possibly lost some, enjoyed time with family, had some tense moments, but over all....it was a GOOD year.  Things were definitely (and still are) stressful, but hey.....life wouldn't be life if it wasn't stressful.

There are lots of decisions that we have to make here in the next couple of weeks, that will definitely change a lot of things for us...but, hopefully it will be for the better, and will remove some of the stress that I feel on a daily basis. 

We're going to head to my parents house tomorrow for some good quality time, and some awesome food.  My mom got a fresh ham, we'll be having mashed potatoes and who knows what else with it. :) I know she's going to have dip and snacks and veggies, so it'll definitely be yummy.  I'll probably gain 10 lbs. :P

But, for now, I'm going to sit in my comfy clothes and watch Sister Wives.

Light, love and Sister Wives.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas parties, sickness, and The Sing-Off

Tonight was the Christmas party for the gas station that I work at.  We went to a local restaurant for dinner, goodies, and a gift exchange.  Dinner was AH-MAZING, as usual from this place.  We all got goodies for our stockings (which were left hung up at the store) which consisted of a crap-ton of candy that my fat butt doesn't need (but I'm gonna eat it anyways!), a couple pens, pencils, a coloring book and crayons, some more candy, Play-Doh, and some chapstick.  Then when everyone was done eating, we moved onto the gift exchange.  We did a Chinese gift exchange...you draw numbers, pick a present and if someone wants to steal what you opened, they can.  Then if your gift gets stolen, you either steal someone else's or pick a new one.  It was good fun.  I ended up with a $25 Starbucks gift card, which I am COMPLETELY happy with.  I LOVE Starbucks, just hate paying so much.  So, I came home with leftovers, because Holy wow, was there a lot of food on my plate for dinner. ;) Hubby has lunch for work tomorrow....if he goes.

On that note.....we are ALL sick.  I ended up with a horrible fever on Sunday, and Monday, and part of yesterday. *sigh* I still don't feel 100%, but at least I don't have a fever anymore.  I only worked part of my shifts both Sunday and Monday (both jobs Monday) because I felt SO horrible.  I slept hard, and still am not back to 100%.  Now Hubby and BOTH kids have it.  Although, I don't think that Muscles has a fever at all....just a super snotty nose.  Cookie has been coughing a lot today.  She had a fever Sunday, but not since.  I left the gas station early Monday, left the kids at the sitter, came home and went back to bed.  Slept til 2:30 when I had to go to my other job.  I'll be SO glad when it is GONE.  Though, like I said, Hubby's got it now..........the same way I started on Sunday....well, Saturday night.  I have to work tomorrow, but Hubby may not go, simply because of not feeling well....and with him working with food, it is really kind of frowned upon for him to go to work ill.  He needs to get into the doctor, so I'll be calling in the morning to get him in. Yay. :P

We're watching The Sing-Off.  I like this show.  But I have a thing for acapella too.....Like the movie Pitch Perfect...LOVE IT! :D

I suppose I really should get to bed......I'm still wiped out from being so sick, and I have to work for my one client in the morning and then the gas station tomorrow night.  At least I get off at 8 tomorrow night.  Then I work days Friday and nights Saturday...but then I am off for FIVE WHOLE DAYS.  I don't go back til Friday after Christmas.....which I am REALLY looking forward to.  I'm glad to get to spend the time with my family, especially since my nephews will be here.  It'll be nice to get the kids back together.  But sad when the boys leave again, and I have to listen to Ava cry and talk about them for weeks on end again.

I hope you all are enjoying the wonderous-ness of the holiday season.  Light, Love and Christmas cookies.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Coughing, coffee and choppers.

I know, weird things to put together, but hey....hear me out.

Today was a pretty uneventful day.  Hubby had to work, I was home, and so the kids and I just kind of hung out and didn't do a whole lot.  I picked up the toys in the living room, talked to my 2 besties, and pretty much that was the extent of it.  I started feeling kind of meh when I got out of bed this morning, and now, I'm coughing, coughing, coughing.  My chest is sore, my throat hurts, and I have a HUGE headache.  Bleh.  I HATE being sick, and I don't have time this week to be sick.  I have to work tomorrow, and then ALL next week.  Meaning I don't have another day off until NEXT Sunday.  And that is between both jobs.  *sigh* I'm NOT looking forward to it AT ALL, but hey...it's all good......I'm going to be off for 5 days for Christmas, so I'm okay with that. 

Billy proposed to his girlfriend, so E has officially moved in.  I need to come up with a nickname for her for the purposes of the blog.....not sure what to call her yet.  She's pretty awesome, and I'm thankful that she is able to put up with Billy's crap, because I certainly couldn't. :P  My kids LOVE her, so I'm good with that too.  And she's really good with Stevie (Billy's youngest) so that makes a big difference too.

I'm REALLY looking forward to Christmas.  We're having dinner here, and will have munchies and all sorts of goodies.  Being off for 5 days will give me the chance to do some baking, and get things prepared.

I thought maybe some coffee would help with the cough, so I ran (not really ran...I drove) up to the gas station for a cup, because I have no creamer here.  Got a cappuccino and came home.  It didn't help soothe my throat at all. :(  All it really did was seem to make me more tired....which makes NO sense to me, but whatever.

I took a fall today......and felt like the biggest dope in the world after it happened too.  Cookie had gotten ahold of some bleach cleaner, and so as I was flying out into the kitchen to get a rag to wipe it off the entertainment center, my foot caught the gate and down I went. :(  Hit the cabinets with my arm and hip as I went, and landed on my knee.  The whole right side of my body feels like I've been beat.  I am hoping that a hot shower will help some.  My mom gave me some anaprox when she was here today, which has helped a bit, but holy crap, am I sore. :(

We watched an episode of Orange County Choppers tonight, and they did a Sonic bike.  Which was kind of neat, but.....not one of the cooler ones that they've done, that's for sure.  But, whatever.  I have really lost interest in the show since Paul Jr isn't on it anymore.  Senior is just too big of a jackass in my opinion.

Now we're watching Whale Wars.....and I should totally be getting in the shower and going to bed...........but here I sit, watching TV, fighting heartburn, and updating you all on my every move....lol.  I feel like it's been so long since I've written a blog post that I've probably lost a bunch of you. :(

There are just times that life completely overwhelms me, and it seems like the last 6 weeks or so have just completely consumed me.  I've been struggling really bad with some awful swinging moods, and being that I have no insurance, I've not been able to go to the doctor to do anything about it.  I've had to just fight through it, and I'm not sure how good of a job I'm doing at that.  I've really got to get a better handle on it, I'm just not sure HOW to do that.  Going to look up a few things online and see if I can't figure out a way to kind of start getting a better handle on it.

Anyway...I think I've yacked enough for tonight.  I hope you are all enjoying this awesome Christmas season....there's just something so magical about this time of year.......I hope my kids will grow to love it as much as I do. <3

Light, love and Christmas Lights. Enjoy, my friends.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Feeling Out of Whack.........................

Today I find myself sitting here beating myself up over the HORRIBLE day that I had today.  I had NO patience whatsoever, and with 2 little ones running amok, that is never a good thing.

I am not sure what is going on with me anymore.  I am SO stressed about EVERYTHING, it's turning me into a crazy woman.

Money is beyond ridiculously tight right now, and with Christmas being in 13 days, I dunno what we're going to do.  I HATE that I work so many hours, and we're still S.O.L. as far as money goes.  I absolutely HATE it.  It feels like I am working for nothing.  Which is pretty much what I am doing.  Between paying the baby sitter and gas, me working really isn't doing us a whole lot of good....but at the same time, I don't have a choice.

I need to get my irritated self to bed, seeing as I have to get up at 5 to be at work at 6. Bleh.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Long time no talk..............

Ah, my loves....it's been a while, huh?  Life just kind of got in the way, a bit more than I anticipated that it would.  Life has been VERY busy around FTM-Land, not something that I have necessarily liked. :P

I've been working a lot, and between that and trying to spend time with both Hubby & the kiddos, I feel like I have NO time for anything else.  I really need to find my groove and start getting things accomplished as far as getting on a schedule with housework and laundry and stuff.  It's just been not easy since I never work the same schedule from one week to the next.  So, for now, the laundry isn't all done, and the house is a mess. :P

I was going to try and write more, but I'm exhausted so I'm going to get to bed.

Light, love and hot chocolate.