Thursday, August 11, 2011

A quiet evening........

For the most part.  Mom, Dad, Joe and Ava are all in bed, and I'm sitting at the computer, when I should be sleeping, seeing as I have to get up to take Joe to work in the morning.  Dad is off tomorrow, and I don't want to be left without a vehicle when they leave to go to San Antonio.  So, I am going to take him to work, and then I'll have to go pick him up.  Which will likely be a pain in the butt, since I'll have Ava with me too.  But, oh well.  We can run into Wal-Mart when he gets off work and try to get his necklace that we bought that got left on the counter and stolen by another customer.  So the manager agreed to replace it, since it got stolen and we paid for it, but they didn't have the one he wanted, so she gave him a gift card.  He has checked back I think, and they still didn't have the one he wants.

I am looking forward to having a weekend in the house to ourselves.  We haven't really had any "alone" time since we got here.  I mean Joe and I have gotten to go out without the baby, or even taking her with us, a couple times, but when we get home, Mom and Dad are here.  Not that I don't appreciate everything that they are doing for us, because I do, but sometimes it would be nice to just come home and have it be me, Joe and Ava again.  I miss that.  So, we'll get a little taste of it while Mom and Dad are in San Antonio.

I still haven't heard anything from the place I interviewed with 2 weeks ago.  I emailed her last week, and she said that she was going to schedule 2nd interviews starting Wednesday of this week.  I emailed her again, saying that I was having issues with my phone, so....we'll see what happens.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  I NEED this job.  It would be the perfect opportunity, so all I can do is keep hoping and praying that it is the right fit, and that I will get it.

I suppose this is it for now.....I really should get to bed, seeing as I have to be up in like 5 hours.  I'm going to be so cranky tomorrow..........ah least I realize that I'm going to be cranky....maybe that'll help ward some of it

Stay safe and be blessed my friends, until we meet again!

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