Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Avon and Scentsy....

Hopefully these 2 companies are going to make me some money.  Even if it's not a ton of money, hopefully it will be some.  We'll just have to see what happens.  I will hopefully have my Scentsy kit on Thursday, so I'll be able to really market myself at that point.  I'm going to make some flyers, and since I get business cards in my kit, I'll pass some of those out too.  I like that I'll be able to make some money (hopefully) all while staying home with Ava.  She's growing so fast, and I don't want to miss a minute of it.  And as it stands right now, I won't have to.  We'll see where things stand when Joe and I are ready to get our own place.  Hopefully I'll still be able to stay home, because I'll be making enough from Avon and Scentsy that we'll be alright.

This is going to be short, because I'm pooped, so I'm going to go to bed early.  I haven't been to bed before 10 in I can't tell you how long, and I have 6 minutes to make it there. :P

Stay safe and be blessed my friends, until we meet again.


  1. Good Luck with your new jobs!

    I know that we have an Avon rep in our building, and as people talk about her, her business grows.

    I don't know if both of your parents work in an office, or if you have friends who work in an office.... But, give them a few catalogs, and put your name or email on them... So they contact you when they want to order!

    I can tell you that once you look at the catalog and the great prices... people just WANT to order.

    There's another lady who lives up the street from me, and she got a small lawn sign (the size of a Realitor Sign) saying the she was an "Avon Rep" and her avon email address.

    Just some ideas!


  2. Good luck, Chica! I know you can do this!

    And Kat has good ideas. Listen to her. :P

    Love you, miss you, need to catch up for real soon. I know we keep saying that.....maybe over the weekend or something?