Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Whatever Wednesdays...

My friend Kat over at came up with this idea, and so I decided to copy it. :P

I have a friend whose wife just had their first child on the 28th.  J is a great guy, and we've been friends since junior high.  I have not met his wife, because life has gotten in the way, he moved out of state, I moved out of state, and we just kind of lost contact.  Through the wonderful thing which is Facebook, we've gotten back in contact, and we've been able to follow one another's lives.  Their little girl has had a really rough start to her life and she's still in the hospital.  They are doing more tests over the next couple of days, to be sure that all is okay with her.  It's scary, but through the power of prayer, she has made enormous strides in the right direction.

I can't begin to imagine what J and his wife are going through.  I spent a good portion of my pregnancy TERRIFIED that something was going to happen, and I was going to lose the baby.  Once I finally got past the point that she wouldn't survive if she was born, I went into a whole other mode of being terrified that something was going to be wrong or go wrong with her birth.  Everything turned out just fine, and my girl is growing like a weed.  I still have unrealistic fears, as I'm sure most new moms do, but Ava's fine.  I feel SO blessed to have a healthy baby.

I think that having a healthy baby is something that some people take for granted.  Maybe my losses helped keep me realistic about it, I don't know.  It's definitely not something that you can plan for.  It's so scary, and my heart just about jumps out of my throat every single time I see that he's posted an update about their beautiful girl.

If you are they type to pray, would you please send up some prayers for my friend, his wife and their little one?  She's not out of the woods yet, but is making amazing strides in the right direction, and will hopefully be able to go home soon.

Thanks for ready my Whatever Wednesday! I'm sure there'll be another blog later at some point. :)



    Thanks for the blog promo!

    Sending good energy to your friend and his family.


    Having unrealistic fears about your children is normal.
    I have them about Emry all the time.
    So don't feel alone!

  2. You're welcome!!! I so far have loved what I've read on your blog...I need to get better about keeping up with it! :P

  3. Yeah, I've been sucking at keeping up with anyone's blogs. Things are too crazy around here. Imagine that....

    Sending up some prayers and happy thoughts.

    Love you!