Thursday, September 12, 2013

Going out on a limb that may break under my butt......................................... goes.....

I decided to go out on a limb and try something that I normally wouldn't do.  I decided to audition for this deal called Blogger Idol.

A friend of mine, Non-Stop Mom is a judge.  It was started by the wonderful gal over at My Husband Ate All My Icecream, whom I follow, and I've found some pretty fantastic blogs thru seeing Blogger Idol in the past.  

Now, the biggest reason that I opted to audition, honestly, is because I would love to gain some followers and feel like I'm part of this awesome community of people who share their lives and thoughts with whomever may need to read what they have to say at the moment. :) 

There are also some pretty cool prizes that are up for grabs too.....Such as:

$300 Gift Certificate to Marware

$300 Gift Certificate to Bullet Designs

One Free Month of Intermediate Level Blog Management Services from Bloom Blogs- value $249

1 Week of Full Service Pinterest Management from Little Birdie Social Media - Value $50

One Year of PicMonkey Royale – Retail Value $33

$25 Gift Certificate to Baconery

$25 Amazon Gift Certificate

Those are some pretty awesome prizes if you ask me.  Now, I will ask that you all follow along and vote for whichever blogs tickle your fancy.  And of course, I would BEG that you vote for me so that hopefully I can get into the top 12.  I think it would be really cool to be a member of this elite group, and I would love to get the things I have to say out there.

So, there ya have it.....I did it, and I'm hoping that you'll pull for me and vote for me and watch as we travel on this journey (hopefully) to Blogger Idol 13!!!

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