Thursday, September 5, 2013

Football, ice cream and pondering

It's been a long couple of days here in FTM-land.  I'm really not complaining, because I've gotten out of the house for the last 3 days for several hours each day, and I've gotten some adult time each time I've gotten out of the house.  That has been REALLY nice.

Tuesday was the first MOPS meeting.  MOPS is a Mothers Of PreSchoolers group, and let me tell you....I am SO thankful that I found this group.  SO thankful.  It was a room full of moms who are either in the same boat as me (stay home with kiddos all day long, every day) or have been there, done that, got the t-shirt.  I knew I wasn't alone, because hello...I have friends, but it was nice to meet some other moms who live in the same town or close.  My friends are all scattered across the country, and so I don't really have any one that I can call and say, "hey...come over and have a cup of coffee with me while the kids run amok."  Until we moved to TX, I would call Rose and her and I would do just that.  Even when we went to IL for a visit, her and I did just that....I went over there, we let the kids play and do their thing, and we sat and drank our coffee and chit was awesome.  I'm hoping that in going to this group, I will find one or several moms that I can call and say, "Hey...come have a cup of coffee with me and let's let the kids run amok."  I crave that kind of friendship, and I'm really hoping that I hit it off with someone in order to do that.  It would be REALLY nice to have that friend that gets where I'm coming from, can hang out with me, or let me come over and hang out while Hubby works, we could swap would just be nice.

Wednesday I worked for a couple hours, while Billy stayed here with the kiddos.  I REALLY need to find daycare, because Billy just isn't as patient with my kids as someone else would be.  And it's not exactly his fault, because of the PTSD, but I worry about him losing his temper and I would just NOT be okay with that.  My client is 94 almost 95 years old, and I REALLY enjoy working with her.  She can be a bit abrasive, but I really think that it is a bit of a defense mechanism for her.  Once you get to know her, she's sweet as can be, and I really, really enjoy working with her.  It not only gets me out of the house for 3 hours every other week, but it gets HER out too.  At least I have my kids at home to entertain (and frustrate) me, but she's in her home alone.  That HAS to be hard....I don't know that I could handle it long term like she has............I just don't know.

Today was Bible study day.  I REALLY enjoy this group.  The facilitator is just awesome.  She was also at the MOPS meeting on Tuesday, so it was nice having a few familiar faces when I walked in Tuesday morning...another lady from CBS (the Bible study) was at MOPS too.  Cookie colored a picture and made a caterpillar in her class today too.  She was little miss crabby butt though, and has been for the last couple days.....not quite sure what that's all about.  Muscles was excited to see me, which was pretty awesome.  He crawled between the legs of another mom picking up her little one to get to me.....I laughed.  We are studying the book of Acts, and I'm really enjoying it and hope that I'm learning something along the way too.

Hubby and I are watching the Broncos/Ravens game that's on TV tonight.  I LOVE football season.  I just love it.  I have always been a football loving girl...ever since I can remember.  I get that from my Daddy.  And I'm fairly certain that Cookie is going to inherit it from HER Daddy too. :)  She climbed up in Hubby's lap and was laying JUST like him.  I would post the picture, but my phone is being a jerk, so I can't get it........I'll likely post it to my Facebook page when I'm done with the blog though, so look for it there. ;)  Anyway, shortly after the game started, we put the kids to bed, and Hubby decided that he wanted some ice cream, so I ran to DQ and got it.  The kids that work up there really need to learn how to deal with customers because HOLY CRAP.  I have worked fast food, so I know how tiring and difficult it can be.  I do.  But come was only a little after 8 pm, so not really late at all, considering they are open til 10, and the kid couldn't manage to #1 get my order when I repeated it TWICE, and #2 make it right.  I am NOT one to complain (ask anyone who knows me...I don't like confrontation AT ALL), but I was pretty irked.  I went inside and the kid looked like a deer in the headlights.  I complained to the manager, who seemed like she didn't want to be at work either, and they fixed the issue....barely.  So, I came home, ate my ice cream in peace, and complained to Hubby. :P

I've been contemplating a whole lot here recently, and just added something else to the mix. ;) I have heard about Blogger Idol, off and on, since it's conception in I think it was may have been 2010...I don't remember.  My pal over at Non-Stop Mom is a judge.  I've been thinking about maybe auditioning for it and seeing how it goes.  But, I dunno.  I don't know if my writing is strong enough to warrant me auditioning.  But at the same time, it would give my teeny tiny blog some exposure, and maybe hook me up with some more followers.  So, I don't know.

I've also been thinking about asking a couple of my other blogger buddies if they would do a guest post for me.  Not sure on what, so that's something that I'm going to have to give a lot more thought.  We'll see what happens.

This has been an awful wordy post tonight....quite unusual for me here lately, but it was nice being able to sit down at the computer and type it all out and kind of start getting some thoughts rolling and in place.  It's a time consuming process, but one that is necessary.  I'm still trying to figure out where I wanna go and how I wanna get there, and if you guys will hold on for the ride, we'll end up at the top, I'm certain! :)

So, for tonight I'll end with saying love, light and football.  Have a great evening, and until next time, remember you are loved. <3

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