Monday, September 23, 2013

Finding that all important balance.

I've been a bit....spoiled the last 3 years.  I've been able to be at home with my family, doing the things a mother/wife does when one is able to stay home.  I've been able to not only do the housework and laundry and cooking, but I've also been able to take care of my kids, and play with them, and take care of all their needs.  Shifting to being a working mom has been really tough.  I feel like I got a little bit of an easy go of it at first, when I was just working my one job.  Now that I have this other job, it is much more difficult to find the balance that I so desperately feel like I need.

I'm so used to being home to put the kids to bed, and working this job, the majority of the time, I'm not going to be home for that.  And that's hard for me.  I'm used to tucking my girl in, especially, because she's in the toddler bed, and I've not gotten to do that the past few nights. *sigh* 

Luckily, I think, the kids don't cry or beg for me or anything which is a comfort for me, because it tells me that my babies are really okay.  I get a strange sense of comfort in that they don't cry and get super upset when I leave.  That is something that I was concerned about, because I've been home with them both since they were born, and it's been rare that they have been left with anyone else for any long length of time.

I'm struggling, however, with finding a way to balance all the things that NEED to be done at home with the hours and days that I'm working.  I've only been at the new job 3 nights, so I know that I need to just give myself some time to get into the groove, so to speak, but that groove is tough for me to figure out, since I've never been a working mom before.

I've gained a whole new respect for ALL working moms, because holy's HARD.  Trying to figure out how to get the laundry and the playing and the cooking and cleaning all done AND get to work on time and play catch up everywhere is SO hard.  Hubby has had to (obviously) take on more responsibilities with the kiddos, and that has been hard on him too, because I'm usually the one to do everything when it comes to them (for the most part anyway).

I know that I will eventually get the complete hang of it, and my house won't look like the laundry threw up in the laundry room and that the toy box barfed all over the living  I'm just so intent on spending as much time as I can with the kids when I AM home that the rest of it just falls by the wayside.

Only 3 more days until we learn the contestants for Blogger Idol.  There is going to be a top 13 instead of a top 12.  I'm waiting to hear if I made it, and I'm losing my  I can't wait to see who gets in, because there were some really AWESOME auditions.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!! :)

So, I know this is short, but I'm pooped.  I'm going to sit here and watch Sister Wives and then go to bed.  I have a 9 hour shift ahead of me tomorrow.  Between the 2 jobs, I don't have another day off until Oct 5th. *sigh* I know the money will be nice, but holy wow am I tired! :P

Until next time, light, love and Sister Wives. <3

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