Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another late night

So, I have been doing a lot of thinking today.  I feel so out of touch with my feels like I haven't talked to anyone here lately.  A lot of that has to do with the fact that I have a 4 month old (as of Saturday!) and I'm going to school and looking for a job.  I thought I would have a lot more free time than what I do.....but it feels like as soon as she's down to nap, I have homework or laundry or something that needs to get done, and I don't have a moment to pick up the phone and call anyone.  And when I do have a spare moment, it seems like the second I sit down to pick up the phone to call someone, something comes up and I have to do this that or the other thing.

I said something a while ago about joining Weight Watchers, and I haven't said anymore about it since.  I've had some good weeks, and some bad weeks, but over all I'm down 11 pounds.  This is wonderful.  I am really proud of myself, because this is the first time in a long time that anything I've done to try and lose weight has worked.  I'm on my way to a healthier me, a better mommy for Ava.  Joe is on the journey too, and has so far lost about 16 or so pounds.  Which is wonderful for him.  I'm proud of him, and this is only going to make things better for us in the long run.

He's enjoying his job, and seems to be doing fairly well.  He will be company sometime in September (he's working through a temp agency right now), and when he goes company, he will get about a $4 raise, which will be nice.  I'm still going to have to work, but may be able to get away with only working part time.  We'll have to see what happens.

I may have a job interview soon, for a dispatch position with a propane/gas company.  I sent them an email on Tuesday, and have been talking with the recruiter back and forth.  She's trying to figure out time to have me come in for an interview, so if you all could send me happy thoughts/prayers/good vibes, it would be much appreciated.  That will only make my life busier, I'm sure, and I'm really not looking forward to leaving Ava, but it's a necessary evil, unfortunately.  I would MUCH rather stay home with her, but that's just not a realistic possibility.  I am praying that this job works out, because it's right here in town, and would be much easier than trying to get to Sealy or Brenham....both of which are about 25 minutes away, and the closest towns to where we live.

I must say, I absolutely LOVE it here.  Texas is a beautiful state, and even though we have to drive almost an hour to find a mall, now that I'm here, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.  Couple the beautiful area with the fact that my family is all here or nearby, and I'm a happy camper.  We've even joined a church that makes us feel at home, and though we haven't been for the last 2 Sundays, I look forward to going every week, and am excited for Ava to grow to know God there.  They have an amazing children's program, so once she's big enough, she'll be taking part in that.

I suppose I should close out for tonight...I have an early morning tomorrow, and really need to get some sleep.  Be blessed my friends, until we meet again


  1. You always make me so proud to know you, prayers for you and the family.

  2. Hey Jen! Sounds like typical life of a mom of an infant! Gotta make time for friends, build them into your life - use church time, use parents and church friends for babysitters so you can get out with DH and girl friends too! It takes some practice! I still don't get much social time to myself, and that is with no job and no school going on! But also in a town where we have no readily available babysitters too! Get some sleep, sounds like you are doing well overall!