Saturday, August 3, 2013

Today is full of.......

Love.  Lots and lots and lots of love.  It's been a difficult week, and I've had lots of tears falling down my cheeks for various reasons.  Today was no different.  But today, those tears were tears of joy.  My best friend in IL, Rose, had her beautiful baby boy today.  He is baby #4 for her, boy #3.  It seriously seems like it was just yesterday that she called me to tell me that she was even pregnant.

Rose and I have been through so much....many ups and downs.  And here we are, 9 years and 4 babies later....strong as ever.  Her oldest two kids were 2 & 3 when we became friends....which means that they are now 12 and 11....which just seems crazy to me.  Her and her hubby met kind of through me, I was friends with him before she knew of him.  I was there the day they got married, just as she was there the day Hubby and I got married.  I watched and prayed and waited for her to get pregnant with her #3, and she was there through every miscarriage until I had Lil Miss.  She was in the delivery room with me when my girl was born, supporting me and coaching me through the experience.  She had weight loss surgery very shortly after Hubby & I moved to Texas, and so for the last 2 years, I've watched her shrink to 1/2 the woman she was before, though her personality shines more now, and she has proven just how amazing she really is.  Her and her hubby decided that they wanted to expand their family, and so I waited for her to make the announcement, praying with her every month that things would go the way she wanted them to....and they did.

This girl is so awesome, she went completely all meds AT ALL.  She labored and birthed that boy completely without drugs, and I am SO incredibly proud of her for it.  She made a birth plan and she was able to completely stick with it.  I got to talk to her tonight, and she sounds great and so happy.  The baby is a complete doll.  She was able to get him to latch for breastfeeding with no issues, and so I'm praying that she'll be able to breast feed as long as she wants to with no problems.

I really wish I had been able to be there with her, because there is no where I would have rather been.....

There are very few people in this world that really honestly know me, and she is definitely one of them.  I am so blessed to have her in my life.  Her kids (especially her daughter) call me Aunt, and mine will call her the same....she's just that wonderful of a friend to me, I consider her family.

So, in spite of all the difficult drama of the week and even of today, I got to rejoice in the birth of my newest nephew (I REALLY need some more nieces!), and I can't wait to get to meet him in person (even if it won't be until he's almost 1.... :P)

Well, kids, I'm going to close out for tonight.  I'm pooped and going to head to bed.  It's been a super long week, and I still have laundry to work on tomorrow.  Remember you are loved and I'll see ya on the flip side.

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