Friday, June 6, 2014

Mental vomit..............

The last few days have been trying to say the least.  I've been stressed, tired, overwhelmed, annoyed and just feeling kind of lost, to be honest.

Cookie has been going through something, though I'm not quite sure what....she's been really fussy and cries at the drop of a hat, and throws fits, and has been refusing naps.  When she doesn't get a nap, she is VERY irritable and moody and just unhappy.  And when she gets that way, I get frustrated and lose my temper much quicker than on a normal day.  I'm working on that, but ya know....being a mommy is tough work.

Money is snugger than I would like, and that's been a big cause of stress around here lately too.  I HATE fighting with Hubby over money, I really do, but it seems like that's what's been happening here lately.

And the biggest thing that's been weighing on my mind this week is the fact that my parents are having their beloved dog put to sleep tomorrow. :( Sadie has congestive heart failure, and it won't get better, and has been steadily getting worse over the last couple weeks.  They are going out of town to see my Grandma, and didn't want something to happen while they were gone, so they opted to end her suffering tomorrow.  I'm going to go over there and be with them.  The vet is actually coming to Mom & Dad's house, which I think is awesome.  It's going to be a hard day, for sure, and I'm just hoping that I can get through the day without too much trouble.

I was totally going to write more, but the night got away from me, and I'm exhausted, so I'm going to bed.

Light, love and peaceful passings. <3 Nighty night.

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  1. I'm so sorry about Sadie and don't worry mama we all have those days!