Saturday, July 27, 2013

When irritation has reached a boiling point.......................................

I am SO beyond irritated at this point, it's not even remotely funny.  I have reached the point where my give a damn is broke, shattered and out by the curb.  It has gotten to the point where I frankly just don't care.

Living with my brother has turned out to be way more stressful than I ever imagined.  His boys are completely disrespectful, they don't listen AT ALL, and they are teaching MY daughter that it is okay to not listen.  I am going to have SO much to undo when they go back to IL in a couple of weeks...........And honestly, my brother isn't any better (where did I really think that the boys learned it from in the first place????).  I am already extremely sick of his lack of respect for me....and it's only me.  He isn't a complete jerk to Hubby.....he's only that way with me.  Tonight is a perfect example......

Billy (what my kiddos call my brother) decided to get his boys a popsicle.  He took Lil Lady outside--without asking our permission--so that she could have one too.  Hubby went outside and got her, and I told Billy that I didn't want Lil Lady to have a popsicle (it was too close to her bedtime).  He took her back outside and gave her one anyway.  Needless to say, I was not (and am still not) very happy with him.  So then he proceeds to get pissed at me because I am mad at him, and takes off after putting his boys to bed and STILL isn't home.  It's almost 12:30 am...... *sigh* But I am not supposed to say anything to him, because it is HIS life.

I could spit nails, I am so mad.  And this isn't the first time or the first thing that he's done the exact opposite of what I've said or done.  So, I told Hubby tonight that I am done saying anything to him or his boys.  If something needs said, he is going to have to do it, because at least Billy listens to him.  I am so incredibly irritated that it is just almost literally makes my blood boil.  I am so sick and tired of him not thinking of anyone other than himself......and he claims to put his boys first, but he really doesn't.  It's amazing to me.

I am just amazed at how disrespectful he is to me...and my mom, even.  My dad was NEVER as disrespectful to a woman as he is EVER.  And he actually tries to get Hubby to be the same way towards's really quite disgusting.  I keep telling myself that this coming year will go by as quickly as this past year has, but it doesn't seem to be. :(

I am going to close out for tonight....I'm gonna grab some Crunch N Munch and finish watching this episode of Extreme Weightloss.

Have a fantastic night and I'll see ya on the flip side. <3

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