Monday, July 8, 2013

Long days and nights................................

It's been a long couple of weeks since the move.  Things are finally starting to calm down and fall into place, but good grief.....It's been nutty.  I finished up my last class at school, and now I'm just waiting for things to start up again. I am definitely enjoying the break, though, that's for sure.

Hubby and I finally got our room completely put things hung on the wall, clothes completely put away, closets organized.  It feels more like home.  We got Lil Man's wall stickers hung up today too, so the kids' room is finally completely done.  Now if I could just get my brother to pick up all his crap out of the pool room and get it put away, the downstairs would be pretty well all done.  It's been a definite learning curve moving in with him.....and it's been VERY stressful.  I'm hoping that things will calm down a bit once my nephews go back to IL at the end of the summer.  So we have about another 5 weeks or so of the stress.

I'm going to try and get a blog post up more frequently....though with having 2 kiddos, getting online is a luxury  If the kids would take a decent nap at the same time every day, that would free up some time for me, but they won't.

I suppose that I am going to head to bed at this point....I am just exhausted.  I got up at 7 this morning with Lil Lady, after not falling asleep until after 1 am.  Bleh.

I will hopefully be able to update more tomorrow.

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