Monday, October 10, 2011

What a week....

It's been just a crazy week.  Absolutely nuts.  Mom & Dad left on their cruise today.  Mom's birthday was Friday, and we surprised her with plane tickets to CA to see Grandma.  Grandma's going to be 75 on the 23rd, and so I figured what a fantastic present for both of them! It actually wasn't totally my idea, Dad was in on it, and so were both my brothers.  It just made sense to all of us to get her out there for it.  I know how important it was to her, so....

Other than that, my week was filled with helping Mom and Dad get ready to go on the cruise, being the fashion police for Mom, having a bad week at WW, not getting all my homework done, taking care of 3 dogs now, instead of just one, running errands, doing laundry, taking care of the baby, and generally feeling like I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. *sigh*  Even just reading that makes me tired.

Joe and I have the house to ourselves for a week, which is going to be nice.  I am going to try and get to HEB tomorrow, since we didn't make it there today.  Need to get some groceries, mainly meat.  We were going to go today, but we got a late start, and Ava was NOT having it.  She HATES being in her car seat for any kind of extended period, so....I'm going to try and make it as quick a trip as possible.  I have a list, so we'll have to see how that works out for me. :P

I suppose I should balance the checkbook so that I know what I can spend at the store...... *sigh* That's a job I despise. :(  Ah, well.

I guess I better go for now, because like I said, I need to balance the checkbook, and it's almost 1 am, and I need to get some sleep, because Ava's going to be up by 8.

Stay safe and be blessed my friends, until we meet again.

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  1. Aw! I hope they have fun on the cruise!

    And I hope you and your hubby enjoy some alone time together!

    I know that Ava probably pitches a fit in the carseat, for any length of time... but, in the end, turn off that portion of your ears... just listen to the sounds that matter... sirens... car horns... people going under your tires... kidding I swear... and keep doing what you need to do.

    Ava will learn to deal with it.
    Carseat can't kill her.

    I suggest Cool music... Not radio stuff, and not 100% classical... Just something out of the ordinary... It will distract her. I swear.

    Good to read you...
    Probably writing a post soon...

    Still working on it.