Monday, September 19, 2011

Sick baby, late night and stuffy head....

Yippee.  It's going to be a long week I fear.  Ava either has a double ear infection or she's just teething.  She's been tugging at her ears all day, so I'm going to call the pedi in the morning, and see when they can get her in.  I failed my algebra test, like BIG time.  I HAVE to try and get caught up on that crap.  I can't fail the class, or I'm completely screwed.

I am completely and totally exhausted.  I supposedly now live in the allergy capitol of the world, and believe me, today I'm feeling it.  I've blown my nose about 87 million times it seems.  I just hope I didn't catch the crap that my mom had.  I don't need a damn sinus infection on top of college work and a sick kiddo. *sigh*  So, like I said, hopefully it's just allergies, and taking the allergy meds that I bought at Wally World will take care of the issue.

I am not going to write much tonight, because I am just so wiped.  I'm going to log off the computer and head to bed, and hope that Ava sleeps through the night, that the pedi can get her in tomorrow, and that she is just teething and doesn't have a double ear infection.  Oh, and that her bottom doesn't hurt quite so bad in the morning. :(  She was bleeding a lil tonight, stupid diaper rash.

Well, I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday (even if it's a Manic one! ;)  )  Stay safe and be blessed my friends, until we meet again!


  1. Jen - try using one of those sinus rinser things with the warm saltwater in them - Neti pot, use it mornign and night ad it will help wash out all th epollena nd other garbage form your nose and sinuses - I use one whenever I get a cold/sniffles.


  2. @JESS: That's an amazing idea!!!!


    My son had double ear infections a lot... to the point we had to get tubes in his ears. The teething didn't help at all. It made the ear infections worse. Just keep an eye on that beautiful angels ears, keep a log of how often she gets them. Just in case.


    I know the feeling, and I know that you feel really alone. But, you are doing the right thing, and when everything evens out.. you will find the time to go out, and be social again.
    I promise.

    Any news on the job front?

    Sending you good energy!