Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday musings...

Or something like that.  I missed my Whatever Wednesday, because this week has just been crazy.

I didn't get the job that I interviewed for last week, so that's had me bummed out.  I love being able to stay home with Ava, so I'm trying to not get discouraged, but it's hard.  It's tough NEVER leaving the house, not having any friends.  I have my sister in law, but not having my own vehicle makes it tough to get out and go anywhere.  HOPEFULLY that issue will be resolved in the next week or so.  Then I can kind of come and go as I please and not have to worry about being back at a certain time so that Mom can get to work.  If I want to spend the day in Katy shopping or whatever, I can.  And I don't have to ask permission to go anywhere, I can just announce it and go, which will be nice.

I cannot believe that in 7 short days my baby is going to be 6 months old....1/2 a year already.  She's getting so big, and I'm just in awe.  You know, I never realized how different it would feel watching her grow versus watching my nephews or my bff's kids.  It's insane how different it feels.  Ava is just so awesome.  She's fun, and smiles ALL the time now, and she talks and coos and makes noises, and I just LOVE it.  And when she sleeps, I could just watch her the whole time.  I love snuggling with her when she's sleeping.  And I know the day is going to come when she doesn't want to snuggle with me, and so I try and snuggle her as much as possible.  I never want to put her down! But, I do, and she is SO close to crawling....she's just right there...but hasn't quite got it yet.  It's just unreal to me that this time last year, I was worried about whether or not I was going to continue to carry, and here she is. <3  It's amazing to me how quickly time has gone.

Well, Scentsy and Avon are kind of taking off.  Joe took a book for each to work, and there are a couple people that are going to order. :)  I had 2 orders from a couple gals at WW the other night, and then one of my closest friends who lives in CO ordered too. :)  So, we'll just have to see where it goes from here.  I could go absolutely insane ordering stuff, but I am not going to do

I think sometime in November, Mom and I are going to host an open house for Avon and Scentsy.  We'll have to see.  And when I have the garage sale next month, I'm going to sit that stuff out on a small table too.  My sister in law is going to hopefully be able to come over and help me with the garage sale, so....I'm looking forward to that. :)

This is it for now, I need to check on Ava and get some lunch, because I'm hungry.  OH, and I almost forgot to mention, I had a loss this week at WW, so that makes me happy.  I wanted it to be a bit bigger of a loss, but hey, a loss is a loss. :)  I'll happily take it! ;)

Stay safe and be blessed my friends, until we meet again!

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