Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reflecting over the last year..........

Here it is New Year's Eve 2013....already.  I sit here and reflect over the last year, and I realize that even though it has been a tough year, we've been REALLY blessed.

We've moved twice, made a trip back to Illinois to see friends and family, I got 2 new jobs, we got two new (to us) vehicles, the kids have grown by leaps and bounds, I joined MOPS, and a Bible study that I adore attending, we lost Hubby's uncle, gained a new member to the family (well, not completely yet, but soon), gained friends, possibly lost some, enjoyed time with family, had some tense moments, but over all....it was a GOOD year.  Things were definitely (and still are) stressful, but hey.....life wouldn't be life if it wasn't stressful.

There are lots of decisions that we have to make here in the next couple of weeks, that will definitely change a lot of things for us...but, hopefully it will be for the better, and will remove some of the stress that I feel on a daily basis. 

We're going to head to my parents house tomorrow for some good quality time, and some awesome food.  My mom got a fresh ham, we'll be having mashed potatoes and who knows what else with it. :) I know she's going to have dip and snacks and veggies, so it'll definitely be yummy.  I'll probably gain 10 lbs. :P

But, for now, I'm going to sit in my comfy clothes and watch Sister Wives.

Light, love and Sister Wives.

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