Thursday, December 5, 2013

Long time no talk..............

Ah, my's been a while, huh?  Life just kind of got in the way, a bit more than I anticipated that it would.  Life has been VERY busy around FTM-Land, not something that I have necessarily liked. :P

I've been working a lot, and between that and trying to spend time with both Hubby & the kiddos, I feel like I have NO time for anything else.  I really need to find my groove and start getting things accomplished as far as getting on a schedule with housework and laundry and stuff.  It's just been not easy since I never work the same schedule from one week to the next.  So, for now, the laundry isn't all done, and the house is a mess. :P

I was going to try and write more, but I'm exhausted so I'm going to get to bed.

Light, love and hot chocolate.

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