Saturday, December 14, 2013

Coughing, coffee and choppers.

I know, weird things to put together, but hey....hear me out.

Today was a pretty uneventful day.  Hubby had to work, I was home, and so the kids and I just kind of hung out and didn't do a whole lot.  I picked up the toys in the living room, talked to my 2 besties, and pretty much that was the extent of it.  I started feeling kind of meh when I got out of bed this morning, and now, I'm coughing, coughing, coughing.  My chest is sore, my throat hurts, and I have a HUGE headache.  Bleh.  I HATE being sick, and I don't have time this week to be sick.  I have to work tomorrow, and then ALL next week.  Meaning I don't have another day off until NEXT Sunday.  And that is between both jobs.  *sigh* I'm NOT looking forward to it AT ALL, but's all good......I'm going to be off for 5 days for Christmas, so I'm okay with that. 

Billy proposed to his girlfriend, so E has officially moved in.  I need to come up with a nickname for her for the purposes of the blog.....not sure what to call her yet.  She's pretty awesome, and I'm thankful that she is able to put up with Billy's crap, because I certainly couldn't. :P  My kids LOVE her, so I'm good with that too.  And she's really good with Stevie (Billy's youngest) so that makes a big difference too.

I'm REALLY looking forward to Christmas.  We're having dinner here, and will have munchies and all sorts of goodies.  Being off for 5 days will give me the chance to do some baking, and get things prepared.

I thought maybe some coffee would help with the cough, so I ran (not really ran...I drove) up to the gas station for a cup, because I have no creamer here.  Got a cappuccino and came home.  It didn't help soothe my throat at all. :(  All it really did was seem to make me more tired....which makes NO sense to me, but whatever.

I took a fall today......and felt like the biggest dope in the world after it happened too.  Cookie had gotten ahold of some bleach cleaner, and so as I was flying out into the kitchen to get a rag to wipe it off the entertainment center, my foot caught the gate and down I went. :(  Hit the cabinets with my arm and hip as I went, and landed on my knee.  The whole right side of my body feels like I've been beat.  I am hoping that a hot shower will help some.  My mom gave me some anaprox when she was here today, which has helped a bit, but holy crap, am I sore. :(

We watched an episode of Orange County Choppers tonight, and they did a Sonic bike.  Which was kind of neat, but.....not one of the cooler ones that they've done, that's for sure.  But, whatever.  I have really lost interest in the show since Paul Jr isn't on it anymore.  Senior is just too big of a jackass in my opinion.

Now we're watching Whale Wars.....and I should totally be getting in the shower and going to bed...........but here I sit, watching TV, fighting heartburn, and updating you all on my every  I feel like it's been so long since I've written a blog post that I've probably lost a bunch of you. :(

There are just times that life completely overwhelms me, and it seems like the last 6 weeks or so have just completely consumed me.  I've been struggling really bad with some awful swinging moods, and being that I have no insurance, I've not been able to go to the doctor to do anything about it.  I've had to just fight through it, and I'm not sure how good of a job I'm doing at that.  I've really got to get a better handle on it, I'm just not sure HOW to do that.  Going to look up a few things online and see if I can't figure out a way to kind of start getting a better handle on it.

Anyway...I think I've yacked enough for tonight.  I hope you are all enjoying this awesome Christmas season....there's just something so magical about this time of year.......I hope my kids will grow to love it as much as I do. <3

Light, love and Christmas Lights. Enjoy, my friends.

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