Friday, January 10, 2014

The big announcement........

So, it's been a rough couple of weeks.  There has been a lot of worrying, debate and general making myself sick over whether or not me working is paying off for us.  By the time you factor in paying the babysitter, losing our food stamps, the extra gas, etc., it turns out that it really wasn't all that worth it, especially when I was only bringing home about $20 a week from my paycheck.

Hubby and I talked and talked and debated and number crunched, and after talking to my mom about it, we came to the conclusion that it really wasn't worth the $20 for me to continue Friday is my last day.  I can't tell you the immense amount of weight that's been lifted from my shoulders.

I'm definitely looking forward to being home with my babies again.  I have missed that more than I really realized the last 3 months.  I'm also REALLY looking forward to getting my house back in's completely fallen apart since I started working, and this place is TRASHED.  It seems like the only time I ever clean anymore is if we have company coming over. *sigh* So you can imagine the state of my house.

I've found a checklist type thing that is all about getting your house in order and keeping it that way by doing small things every day.......I'm going to get it printed out and work on that the week after next.  I'm looking very forward to getting things back in order and establishing a routine for keeping things in order.

Being more available for playdates and such with my MOPS group is also going to be really nice.  I missed more than I would have liked because of work.  I can't even really think of anything about work that I'm going to miss.....other than a few of the people that I work with.

So, that's the big announcement.  And the big weight that's been lifted in my life.  Things are going to be snug money wise, but it's just not worth it for me to work.  I'm going to be going back to school soon too, so it'll be nice to not have to try and juggle work and school and the kids.  I'm very excited about going back to the way things have been for the last 3 years.

Hubby has talked about getting a part time job, which would help with money, but I really hate for him to have to work so many hours on his own....but we'll figure out what works for us.  I've also thought about looking into babysitting here too....but when I looked before, that didn't work out so, we'll just have to see.  I'm excited for this new chapter.  I also hope that with my staying home that I'll be able to be around more and get traffic for the blog and Facebook page moving a bit more.

So, for tonight, I'm gonna scoot and watch some Chicago PD.  Light, love and snuggles. <3

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