Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Anniversaries, sadness and everything in between

Oh boy....SO much has gone on the last week and a half, and I feel like I haven't had time to sit and relax, let alone knock out a blog post.

Hubby and I's 5th wedding anniversary was the 18th. :) Billy's girlfriend kept the kiddos for us, even though Cookie had a fever.  I almost told Hubby to forget going out that night, because her fever was 103.  But, we gave her some tylenol, and within about an hour it was down to 100, so I felt better.  We went to Olive Garden for dinner, which was REALLY good.  We were going to go to the high school football game after dinner, but it was raining and we didn't really feel like sitting in the rain.  So we went to the mall and thought we would just see a movie.  HA! I didn't realize how ridiculously expensive movie tickets had gotten.  So, rather than pay $10 a ticket to see a movie, we opted to just kind of walk around the mall and window shop.  It was really nice getting to just spend some time together, without having to tell the kids to sit down, or not hit, or whatever.  We got to talk (and we actually talked about things other than the kids!) and just reconnect as a couple.....which we have desperately needed.  Since I started working, we don't get to spend nearly as much time together anymore, and I've missed him.

I had the 19th off work too, and so we just kind of hung out at home, did laundry and general cleaning, and not much of anything else. 

We found a sitter for the kids...their first day was Monday.  She has a 2 1/2 year old of her own...he's only 3 months older than Cookie, and she keeps a little girl that is about Muscles' they have some other kids to play with.  She doesn't charge 2 arms and a leg either.  I've had a hard couple days, getting used to getting them dropped off and picked up.  They seem to enjoy it though, so....we'll see how it goes.

On Wednesday of last week, I got some devastating news.  A good friend of mine, whom I've known for the last 6 or so years, delivered her precious son stillborn.  My heart still hurts for her.  I cannot imagine the pain that she is going through right now, not having her precious boy home with her.  I talked to her a bit, and they think that it was a large blood clot in the cord.  She was 39 weeks.  It's just horrifying.  I've done a lot of praying and talking to God to try and make sense of it, and sadly, there is nothing that will answer those questions in this time and place.  After talking to her some, I have found some peace with it, knowing that it is all part of God's masterplan, and we just have to kind of roll with it. 

I have really been enjoying my MOPS group and Bible study group.  It's giving me an outlet and I've met some amazing women. I feel like maybe I am even starting to make some friends. :) 

Okay, I need to get the kitchen cleaned up and then maybe take a lil bit of a nap before Cookie and Muscles wake up. Wish me luck on

Light, love and making new friends. <3

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