Thursday, July 12, 2012

Long day....

Today felt like a really long day even though in actuality it wasn't.  The bug guy came and sprayed this morning, waking us all up when they knocked on the door.  That wasn't fun.  Lil lady took an early nap because of it, so I took advantage and took a nap myself.  It was REALLY nice...I actually got comfortable in bed for the first time in I can't tell you how long.  When Lil Lady woke up, I was really sad, because I was comfy and wasn't ready to get up yet! :P  I'm going to be heading to bed REALLY soon, because I am just wiped out.

The church that we belong to has been in between pastors, and finally may have picked a new pastor, so we had a meeting tonight to determine if we as a church were going to extend an offer to her.  She answered questions and told us a bit about herself and I REALLY like her.  I think she's going to bring a fantastic new view to the church, and she will bring a younger perspective as well.  We voted to yes, extend an offer, so now it's just waiting to see if she's going to accept it.

Well, Hubby just brought me a root beer float, so I'm going to finish that and go to bed....I'm pooped.

Stay safe and be blessed my friends, until we meet again.

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