Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I can't think of something good to title this......

So, I'm choosing to NOT have a title.  Uh oh....better call the blog police! :P LOL.  It's been a LONG day....I'm so tired of not sleeping well....But that's not going to change until this baby is out of my belly and about 6 months old.  At least once he's out of my belly though I can lay a bit more comfortably on the bed.  My nails are finally starting to grow a bit on their own...now that the pregnancy is almost over...lol.  But hey, I'll take it however I can get it!

I am 34 weeks now, which is fantastic.  Lil Man is moving up a storm ALL the time, especially when I'm trying to sleep or relax. :) He gets the hiccups pretty often, just like Lil Lady used to, which makes me laugh. Also like Lil Lady used to, he kicks Hubby all the time when we're in bed....it's really funny.  I'll snuggle up next to Hubby, and Lil Man just goes insane kicking him.  It's fantastic.

I'm looking forward to meeting him, and finally having him HERE.  Though I really can't complain, because this pregnancy has gone by SO fast.....and I'm sure that the main reason for that is that I didn't find out until 16 weeks....that's almost 1/2 way through....I got to skip the whole scary first trimester.

My parents have bought so much for him here the last few weeks since they've been home, it's been fantastic.  Mom got a bassinet for him, that once he outgrows it we will give back to her and a bunch of clothes.  I am not worried about him being naked, that's for sure. <3  And a lot of the outfits that she bought are just too cute for words.  I'm really looking forward to getting him here, and having my family complete.

I did have a doctor's appt last Thursday.  I'm dilated to a 1, but still only 25% effaced, so not a whole lot of progress.  I don't have to get anymore shots (Thank the Lord...those things SUCKED) and I kind of sorta took myself off bed rest.  I just can't stand laying around doing absolutely NOTHING anymore.  If Hubby is home, I have him lift Lil Lady and such, but once he goes to work, I'm on my own.  I did okay today....she plays with her toys, and getting her into her high chair was kind of tough, but we'll make due.  I just can't stand having everyone else take care of her....it drives me batty.  I have a bit of a hard time getting around, so it's not like I'm back to doing full fledged everything, because I simply can't do it.  I can't even hardly roll over in bed, so going back to full fledged everything just would NOT happen...lol.  I'm very lucky that Hubby is so awesome, because he still does a lot around here making sure that things run smoothly.  Which, if it wasn't for him, none of us would have clean clothes, and the house would look like bums lived in it.

Well, I suppose this is it for tonight.  It's starting to rain, and I'm pooped, so I'm going to try and get some sleep.  Though, I know it's almost pointless, but I've gotta at least try.

Stay safe and be blessed my friends, until we meet again.


  1. Yes, Kat....just doesn't feel like close enough! :P Soon, soon, soon...that's what I keep telling myself.