Thursday, November 3, 2011

Grrrr...... >:(

I REALLY want to post about something, but I can't. :(

Maybe I need to make this private again.  Or better yet, I could just create a new blog page.  Why can't blogger have a button that allows you to make one single post private and available to only those select people that you want to see it. :(


  1. =(

    I'm sorry hun.

    It's hard when most of the people who read your blog, are people who know you in real life.

    I would recommend opening a new blog, and a persona... Just so you can vent and vent and vent.. to complete strangers.
    It's cathartic.
    I promise.

    Otherwise.. Get the emails of the people you want to tell about this... and do a mega email to all of them.

    =( sorry you're bummed.

    A complete stranger.

  2. Kat~Yes, I am thinking about the whole new persona.....but then the question is how to I get anyone to read it? I'm so ignorant when it comes to this blogging thing. :(

  3. Sorry it took me so long to comment back... such a bad commentor, it kills me.

    I started without any readers for... about two months.. Just writing to myself.. Than I got one... then 2... and I read there's and commented (leaving my link as usual)... then it grows.... That's how I met all of you nice people. And the unbiased opinions I get from all of you guys is amazing... and gives me strength that I'm not alone.