Thursday, November 10, 2011

Napless days and piles of homework....

So, Ava's teething, which means that she is miserable.  It also means that she doesn't nap like normal, which equals me not being able to get anything done without being a meaner mommy and locking her up in the playpen.  She hates that thing.  Well, not really hates it, but she would much rather be out loose on the floor, but with all the crap that she can hurt herself on, I can't exactly be involved in homework with her out on the floor.  I give her plenty of toys when she's in the playpen, but she just isn't interested in any of them.  What she is interested in, however, is standing up and grabbing for the papers that I have printed out for school off my table which is next to the playpen.  I put her in there yesterday because I had to leave the room for a minute, and she grabbed the whole stack of papers off the table.  Some fell on the floor, and some fell in the playpen with her.  She was sitting down with this pile of papers on her lap....I really wish I would have had the camera handy, because it was absolutely priceless and adorable.

She's growing so fast, and she is SO smart....I am amazed more and more every day at the things that she is doing and accomplishing.  She gives me so much joy, it's unreal.  I am SO blessed to be her mommy.

I suppose I should go for now, because she's awake, and fussing....I am going to be a meaner mom though, and put her in either her car (walker thing) or the playpen, because I HAVE to get some homework done today!

Stay safe and be blessed my friends, until we meet again.

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