Monday, February 25, 2013

Good days all around.....

This weekend has been just an absolutely fantastic one.  Last weekend was a good one too, with the baptism of my son and nephew, but this one seriously just tops the charts.

I mentioned the other day, I think, that I had a job interview.  It was for a work at home company, doing customer service over the phone.  I have a choice of several clients, depending on what I want to do/who I want to work for.  I had a phone interview with the assistant hiring manager on Tuesday, and she set up an interview for me with the owner of the company.  She was great, and I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!  It's SUCH a relief, knowing that I can still be at home with my babies, but I'll be bringing in some income that is VERY much needed.  I can work as many hours as I want, and whatever hours work for me, which is fantastic.  I got Starbucks out of it too (only because that's where the interview was at! ha!).  It's just great.  The company that I will be working for is small, there's only about 20 employees right now, but it's growing and changing and there is plenty of room for me to be able to move up as the company grows, and as my kiddos grow.  I'm so glad that I was able to find something that I can do from home, so that I don't HAVE to put my kids in daycare, and so I can still be a mommy and teach my kiddos but earn a living at the same time.  Once I get things going with it and figure out what is going to work well for us as a family, Hubby & I can discuss me taking on more hours and at that point we'll look into possibly putting the kids in daycare a couple hours a day a couple days a week.  Mainly so that they get the socialization that they won't get being home with me all the time.  Ava doesn't understand the concept of sharing very well (Oh, who am I kidding....she doesn't get it at all) and part of that I know is her age, but I also have to wonder if she would pick up on it a bit easier if she was around other kids her age.  *sigh* But, I've really enjoyed being a stay at home mom, and I am so thrilled that I am able to continue it, because it's where my heart honestly is.  There's nowhere else in the world that I would rather be.

So, when I was on my way to the interview, I happened to notice that there was a house for rent.  I mentally decided that since I was running late, I would stop on my way back and snag the number and give them a call.  So, I did.  I called and left a message because no one answered.  About 5 or 10 minutes later, the landlord called (she is awesome and SO sweet) and we arranged to meet her at the house about 30 minutes later.  I was a little leary, because you could tell that the house was older, but when I talked to her on the phone, she said that it had been painted and updated on the inside, there was a fenced back yard, and the house was between 1600-1800 square feet, which is double the size of the place that we have now.  So, we drove over and looked at it, and we fell in love.  It is absolutely, completely perfect!  There are huge windows in every room.  There is so much closet space I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. :P  The master bedroom has 2, yes I said TWO, walk in closets, the second bedroom has a walk in closet, the kitchen has a breakfast nook that I'm going to turn into my office, there's a separate dining room with 2 built in corner cabinets, a separate laundry room ( laundry won't be in the stinking kitchen anymore!!!!!!), a 1 stall garage, an attic space, a storage closet in the bathroom, and a pantry.  There's plenty of cabinet space in the kitchen for all our crap, which is awesome.  The stove and fridge are both less than 2 years old.  I am just so amazingly excited, I could burst.  There is also a car port next to the garage, so since we plan on using the garage for storage, we can still park the car under something in case we get a bad storm and to protect it from the sun, and maybe keep the interior a bit cooler in the summer time.  There is absolutely no carpet in the house at all, everything is either hardwood or tile/linolium.  There is SO much natural light that comes through that we'll rarely have to use lights during the day.  I'm going to have more space than I know what to do with I think! :) I am just so completely happy about it.  The back yard is completely fenced in, and the landlord said that we can plant flowers and do whatever yard work/landscaping stuff that we want to.  There are also several pecan trees in the back yard, which is going to be nice AND a pain.  We'll have to rake and sweep up the pecans before we can move.  There's also a section in the back yard that is like sectioned off for a garden.  Not sure what's in there currently, but I've thought about the possibility of putting a veggie garden in there.  Not sure about that though either....will have to think about it.

So, now I get to start the fun of packing.  Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE packing.  I despise it.  And now, not only do I get to pack, I get to continue school and start working all at the same time! HAHAHAHAHA! But, I absolutely not have it any other way.  It's going to be a long couple of weeks, between packing and moving stuff and unpacking and getting everything in it's place, but I am REALLY looking forward to getting into a new place and finally having a HOME.  I'm so thrilled that we won't be living in a stinking apartment anymore.  My kids will have space to play and I won't feel like we are living in a tin can.  It's just awesome. 

The bedrooms in this house are twice the size that they are here in the apartment, which will be nice.  I am so tired of having small rooms.  The front yard is good sized, so we're back pretty far from the street.  We will be living on a pretty busy road, which makes me a little nervous, but we'll just put a latch on the screen door so that Ava can't escape! :P  She likes to do that.  We'll be closer to church, though a bit further from my parents.  We're still in town, so it's not like my parents are really far or anything, and we'll still see them just as much.  Getting this house is just the biggest blessing.  I'm so grateful that things are on the up swing for us.  I've been praying and praying for a job, and finally got one, and we've been calling about other places to live, and we finally found the perfect place for us for now.  We won't be able to live there forever, because at some point Ava & Collin will have to be in their own bedrooms, but for the next several years, it'll be just fine.  I need to sit down and write a list of the things we'll need to buy for the new place, like curtains for some of the windows because we don't have as many windows now, a dust mop for the floors...simple things like that.  I'm going to have to get a desk and desk chair for work too, so that's gonna be on the list.  I'm just completely overjoyed that things are finally turning around.  It's just fantastic.

Well, I suppose that I should probably get myself into bed.  I have another paper due tomorrow, and I'm going to try to get up early to work on it before the kids get up.  We'll see if that happens.  Collin hasn't been sleeping very well, so neither have I.  I'm hoping that he'll sleep better tonight seeing as he didn't go to sleep til about 11:40. *sigh* I'm hoping that maybe it's just because of a growth spurt and he'll quickly get back into a routine.  Though, I'm afraid with moving that both the kids are going to have some issues with sleeping.  We'll just have to play it by ear and see what happens.  So, since I've gone on and on and on, I'm gonna scoot and finish watching this episode of Army Wives and then hit the sack.

Stay safe and be blessed my friends....until we meet again.

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  1. That is awesome sis!! I am so excited with your news. Try the fan/sound machine trick before you move and it will help them transfer to the new room and house a bit easier. <3 ya guys!!