Friday, October 8, 2010

Ah, another day, another blog.............

**sigh**  I am REALLY missing my family today.  Yesterday was my mom's birthday, and tonight, my dad is surprising her by taking her to her favorite steak place, and both of my brothers are meeting them there. And I am stuck here in IL. :(  I love the friends that I have here, and this is the only "home" that Joe's ever known (since he was born and raised right here in central IL) but I hate missing my family so much.  We have pretty much decided that after the twins go back to the biological dad, and after the baby comes, we are moving to TX.  As long as we can come up with the money to move our stuff.  I will miss all my friends here, but my family is just SO important to me, and I do not want my child growing up with Grandma and Grandad so far away.

My WONDERFUL friend Stacey sent a box with a TON of clothes in it for the twins!! :) We got it in the mail today, and pretty much ALL of the clothes fit the kids.  I was SO excited!!! <3  Neither one of them had very many pants at all, and Lil Man only had 1 long sleeved shirt, while Lil Miss had NONE.  Now they are both set for a while, which is just AWESOME! :) And so many of the shirts will fit them both for a good long's just FANTASTIC! :) :) :) :)

I suppose this is all for now....I am going to sit and relax until it's time to get the kids in the tub. :)

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