Friday, October 11, 2013

Birthday dinner, grocery shopping and other shenanigans.

So, my mom's birthday was Monday.  I've had a crappy schedule at work all week (hence me not being around much) and so we didn't get to do the typical birthday dinner with the family until tonight.  We had lasagna (out of the box, but was GOOD), some garlic bread and veggies.  It was yummy.  Mom made her cake (why she made her own cake is still up for debate.....she says it is because she wanted German Chocolate, I say it's because she is freaking stubborn), and we had ice cream with it too.  Everything was REALLY good.  She got a new cell phone from my dad, Olive Garden gift certificates from my brother, and a couple new flags for her small flagpole, a Soduko (or however it's freaking spelled) book and a ceramic pumpkin from us.  The kids started getting crabby not long after dessert, so we came home and got them into bed.

Being that I've been working so much, I've not been able to get to the grocery store to do much shopping.  It's also hard to get shopping done with 2 kids in tow, especially by myself, so I asked my brother if he would mind if after the kids were asleep Hubby and I went grocery shopping.  It was really nice getting out of the house, kid-free, and getting to spend a little bit of time together.  We don't get that very often, and I've been feeling a bit of a disconnect from him here lately.  Not sure what that's all about, but it is really starting to irk me.

We swung through Starbucks drive-thru on our way to the grocery store, and got a couple Salted Caramel Mocha Frappucinos.  HOLY CROW!  Talk about YUM! I have definitely found a new favorite!!!  They were SO good.

After we got done shopping, we got in the check out lane, paid, and the gal bagging our groceries took off with a package of our meat............I wasn't sure what was going on, because I had been paying, so I looked at Hubby with a WTH look on my face.  He said that the plastic crap around the meat came off, so she had to go get another package.  We waited what seemed like forever (really it was maybe 4-5 minutes) and she finally came back..We got the meat and left.

As we were walking out to the car, we heard a loud noise and looked, and a pick-up truck looked like it had ran over a chain of some sort and was trying to get whatever unstuck.  The driver zoomed off, and about 20 seconds later, there was a crash, glass breaking, and my heart leapt into my chest.  We pulled out of the parking lot, and the truck had crashed into another truck, and was literally inches away from the gas pumps at the gas station across the street from where we were.  The driver was not in the truck, I think the cops had him off to the side doing a field sobriety test, but I can't be sure.  One thing I do know is that God was watching out for us, because if that plastic hadn't come off, we'd have been on the road when that truck came barreling through, and he likely would have hit us.  It took me until sitting here writing this to realize that.  Scary stuff.

Anyway, I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open at this point, so I'm going to close out for tonight and get some sleep.  I have to work tomorrow and Saturday, but I'm off Sunday.  We're going to the pumpkin patch with my parents and the kiddos, but other than that, I'm hoping that Sunday will be pretty laid back.

Light, love and pumpkin EVERYTHING!!!! Enjoy your night/tomorrow and we'll talk again soon! <3

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