Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Long days and looking for a job

So, things have not panned out the last couple months like they were supposed to. And it's a big pain in my butt, and causing me a lot of undue stress. I try to take each day in stride, and for the most part,  I do fairly well.

My laptop is giving me fits all the sudden, not quite sure what the problem is there.  I had a lot more I wanted to try and get out, but with the laptop not cooperating, it's not gonna happen.  In fact, I think this is going to be about it for tonight.  I know, I know, it's short, but it's after 1 am, I'm pooped, and I have to get up at a decent hour tomorrow so that I can go to my mom's for a bit.  I will hopefully have an easier day tomorrow............though, it's hard telling if it'll actually happen the way I think it will...........

Until later, sweet dreams, happy thoughts and lots of cookies. ;)

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