Friday, May 11, 2012

Only a quick one........

I am completely and totally exhausted tonight, so this is going to be short and sweet.  The interview seemed to go pretty well today.  He said I would know by Wednesday if they want me to come in for a 2nd interview, so my fingers are crossed.  We'll just have to see what happens.  I sent a thank you card, so I'm hoping that doing that will be an added bonus.  We'll just have to see.

I did not mention the fact that I'm pregnant....but I think it was probably pretty obvious, seeing that my belly is HUGE. But, I dunno.  I figure if they call me back for another interview that I will inform them at that point.

I'm watching some TV, and thinking that I may actually be better off going to bed.  I am just REALLY tired for some reason tonight.  More so than normal.

So, this is going to be it for I said, short and sweet.  Stay safe and be blessed my friends, until we meet again.

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