Sunday, April 24, 2011

Need to get better about keeping up........

Because so far, I really suck at this blog thing.....  Although, I'm not even sure how many people actually read the I wonder if it's really even worth the effort that it takes to type out the posts..........

Things have been very busy around here, and I'm not getting a whole hell of a lot of sleep these days.  Ava's birth was an absolutely AMAZING experience, even if the epidural didn't work all the way until I was ready to

I went in at 8 pm on March 29th to be induced.  I went in, got registered, signed the necessary crap, and they got me upstairs and ready to go.  The nurse came in and started the IV (which sucked....those IV's always hurt going into your hand) and they took blood and all that crap.  I tested positive for Group B Strept, so they had to give me antibiotics every 4 hours as well.  They started the whole process at 9 pm with the first dose of the meds.  They came back in at 1 am with the next dose, and gave me an Ambien so that I could attempt to get some sleep.  At that point, I was having contractions, but they were SUPER mild, and still really sporadic.  At 1:50 am, I had just started to doze off, and my water broke.  I had NO idea what it was, so I told Joe that he needed to call the nurse in, because something had happened and I didn't know what was going on.  The nurse came in, told me that it was just my water breaking, got me cleaned up and back into bed I went.  The contractions started getting stronger at this point.  When they came in at 5 to give me another dose of meds, I was still only dilated to a 2-3 and was about 90% effaced....I had prayed that I was further than that.  I got on the birthing ball for a bit, which didn't do a whole lot, but helped some.  When I would have a contraction, the monitor that was keeping an eye on Ava's heartbeat would lose it, so they had to put an internal monitor on her.  Let me tell you......that SUCKED major donkey balls.  The first nurse didn't get it attached to her head, so they had to redo it, and I wanted to punch the nurse right square in the face.  It was HORRIBLE.  The contractions were getting pretty strong at this point, and I was super uncomfortable, but I wasn't dilated far enough to get the epidural.  So, they gave me a shot of some kind of pain killer, and that really calmed me down some.  I don't remember when they came in again, I think it was around 8 am or so, and they checked me again, and at this point, I was at a 4, so I was able to get the epidural.  We had to wait for the anesthesiologist to get out of a c-section, and then I was ready.  They made Joe and Lindsey leave the room, since it is a sterile procedure.  I don't really remember if it hurt or not, because I think she stuck the needle in when I was having a contraction, but I don't know for sure.  I laid back down after getting the epidural, and while I couldn't feel my legs AT ALL, couldn't move my toes, nothing, I still felt every single contraction.  Something with the epidural didn't happen right, and so it didn't numb me correctly.  And they couldn't give me any more medication until I could move my legs/feet/something.  FINALLY I was able to wiggle my toes, and they gave me another little bit of whatever, and I was finally not feeling any pain.  But let me tell you......going through transition (from 4-10 cm) without drugs, SUCKS.  I would NOT recommend it to anyone.  Although it was probably a bit worse for me since I had gotten the pitocin.  When I was in the middle of the pain, I was screaming for them to just get her out....I told everyone that would listen that I just couldn't do it, and I didn't care if they had to do a section, I just wanted the pain to stop.  The nurse checked me again, and I was at a 10, and ready to go....and it had only been maybe an hour since they gave me the epidural.  They had me push some, and I reached down at one point and felt Ava's head as she was crowning.  They called the midwife, and by the time she got there and ready, I pushed once, Ava's head was delivered, I pushed a 2nd time, and she was here.  It was absolutely the single most amazing moment in my life.  I can't even begin to describe the emotions that went through me at that moment.  The midwife asked if Daddy wanted to cut the cord, and I looked at Joe and we both had tears in our eyes.  They laid her on my belly, and I just couldn't believe she was/is actually here.  I counted her fingers and toes, and just stared at her.  I still just stare at her.

Lindsey was an ENORMOUS emotional support for me, and I do believe for Joe was wonderful having her there to share in our amazing moment with us.  I wish my mom could have been here too, but maybe when we have #2, she'll be able to be there.

I am SO blessed.....I have an amazing husband, the most beautiful daughter ever, and amazing friends and family that have been so supportive through all of our trials and tribulations.  It's amazing how having a child changes your outlook on things, and makes you appreciate everything all the more.

I suppose this should be it for's late (or early....depends on how you look at it) and I need to try and rest a bit before getting Ava and myself ready for Easter Service at church.

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