Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Life is GOOD..................

And I m definitely making the best of it. :)

Being able to be home with the kids is SO much more rewarding than I had realized before.  I mean, it always meant a lot to me, and I was so grateful to be at home, but after working and coming back to being at home, I really realize how much it actually means.

I've seen a huge change in the kids, just in the last several days.  I've seen a huge change in ME.  My whole perspective has changed.  I feel so much better, I am more at ease, I love every single aspect of it.

I love being able to get up with my kids in the morning, make them breakfast instead of just throwing cereal at them, and getting to enjoy our mornings.  I love getting to be the kind of mommy I always wanted to be....staying at home and enjoying my kids.

We're just waiting on Hubby's W2 to be able to file our taxes.  I'm really looking forward to that.....gonna get some bills paid ahead so that we aren't so stressed.  We're also going to get a NEW bed!!!! I'm sick of being so squished because Hubby is a HORRIBLE bed hog.  SO we're getting a KING. YAY!!!!! Can you tell that I'm excited about that???

I know this is short, but I'm tired, and have Bible study in the morning.  I'm going to go cuddle my honey, since he's already in bed, and get some sleep.

Light, love and red velvet cupcakes. <3

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