Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oye ve...

That pretty well sums it up. *sigh* I have entered into the insomnia phase of this pregnancy, which I had honestly hoped to avoid.  But, I really shouldn't be surprised at all, because I could just kind of tell that it was coming.  Had a doctor's appointment today, that didn't go very well. :(

I got to see my Lil Man, which was awesome, he's about 3 pounds and is measuring about 4 or 5 days ahead, which is good.  What was not good however, is that because of the contractions that I've been having, I'm about a finger tip dilated.  On Memorial Day, I went back into the hospital, because I'd lost some of my mucus plug.  At that point my cervix was still closed.  So they opted to check me today, and found that I was dilated. :( So, it's STRICT bedrest, only getting up to pee and go to the doctor.  I got a steroid injection in my butt (which HURT) and I have to go back for another dose tomorrow.  The steroids will help strengthen Lil Man's lungs in case he does come early....which I am fairly confident that he will.  After tomorrow, I don't go back to the doctor until next week.  At that point, they will re-evaluate, and I have a sneaky feeling that they are going to put my hiney in the hospital. Which will suck.  Especially since I won't handle not seeing Ava every day very well.  And, on top of that, the hospital is 45 minutes away, so the likelyhood of me having visitors at all is very slim.  It will be very lonely, so I'm praying that doesn't happen, because I just won't handle it well.  I will do whatever I have to do to ensure my son's health, but I just really hope that at home bedrest does the trick.

I'm hoping and praying for at least another month.  I can handle having a 6 week preemie.  Anything more than that, and I don't know that I could handle it very well.  I am sure I would do whatever I had to do in order to get through it, but it would be really hard.  Hubby was 6 weeks early, my brothers were 6 weeks early, my best friend's oldest son was 6 weeks I know without a shadow of a doubt that Lil Man would be okay.  Anything earlier than that, and it gets into scary territory.  Though, another friend of mine's lil guy was born at 31 weeks 5 days and is healthy as can be now.  He was even only on oxygen for 1 that's a point. :P

Having any preemie, regardless of how early, is definitely scary.  Hopefully the steroids will strengthen him so that if he is born soon, he'll be strong enough to be okay.

I did find out that the pediatrician that we have for Lil Lady takes the insurance that Lil Man will be on when he's born, so that was super comforting to know that we can just take him to the pedi that I like.  We'll have to see the doctor that is on call when he's born, because our pedi doesn't go to the hospital that I will deliver at, which is fine, but at least for everything after that, we can take him to the one we trust....and that's a big deal for me. :)  It will definitely be a sad day for me when our pedi retires (he's older) because I REALLY like him and trust him.

So we definitely have some stressful days/weeks ahead of us.  I'm going to try and stay as stress-free as possible, because I know it's what is best for Lil Man.  My parents will be home from California next week, thank goodness, which will make things a bit easier.  I REALLY miss my mom, and am struggling with having all this go on and not having her here.  She's definitely my rock and my strength, that's for sure.  So I suppose this is all for now.....I'm pooped, and should probably try and get some rest.  After I eat some pizza that is. :P

Stay safe and be blessed my friends, until we meet again.

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