Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bit of a new look....and new outlook.

It's been a while, and for that I apologize.  Life tends to get in the way more than I want to admit, and I just don't have the online access from the computer that I used to have.  Hopefully after the first of the year that will change, and it'll be back to business as close to normal as I get.

I absolutely LOVE this time of year.  Christmas has always been, for a multitude of reasons, my favorite "season."  There's just something about the twinkling lights and ornaments and Christmas trees that makes me feel good and loved and all those happy things.  There's just nothing quite like it.

I wanted the page to reflect that a bit, so I changed the over all look and hope that it's not too boring.....

I'm trying to change my outlook on a lot of things, especially when it comes to my kids.  The last several months have been stressful and kind of crazy, but during this Christmas season, I'm trying really hard to concentrate on the important things, and not worry so much about the silly little stuff.  It's a lot easier said than done, but I'm really trying.

Cookie and Muscles will only be little for so long, ya know?  I want them to look back on their childhoods with as much love and adoration as I look back on mine, and being a yelling, unhappy mom isn't going to accomplish that.  I really need to work on remembering that they are little, and may not listen all the time like I think they should.....but they are learning, and growing, and there will soon come a time when they won't want to snuggle and be up my butt 24/7.  And those times are coming quicker than I really think I'm ready for.  There are days that it is really hard to remember that, and I need to make an active choice to remember that and really enjoy this time with them.

They are learning and growing and so curious about everything.  I need to slow down and soak it up and not get flustered with the 90 million "why" questions that I get, especially from Cookie.  She is curious, and wants to learn, and I need to nurture that and help her to figure things out.

I'm trying hard to learn to enjoy the moments with my babies, because they won't be babies forever.....and some days that is REALLY hard to remember.

I know this is another short post, but I'm battling the sickies, and really should go to bed so that I'm not even worse tomorrow. :)

So, for now, I'll say goodnight, and I PROMISE that I will work really hard at trying to get more posts out to my (few) loyal followers.

Light, love and cough medicine. <3 Until we meet again!

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