Monday, August 27, 2012

My boy's birth story....

I have been trying to get a routine down between Lil Man & Lil Lady and haven't taken the time to actually sit down and write out his birth story. It's amazing finally having him here...though in reality, this pregnancy went by really quickly.

I'll start with my doctor's appointment on Friday the 10th. The doctor came in and asked how I was and I said, "ready to have this baby." He laughed, checked me, looked Lil Man over real quick, estimated him at about 8 pounds. He asked if they had scheduled me for an induction yet, since Lil Man was getting so big, and I said no. The nurse called the hospital and asked them when the first available time for a straight pit (pitocin) induction was, and it was Sunday at 5 am. I was shocked. Especially that they would do it on a Sunday. I was having contractions about every 20 minutes or so, but they weren't very strong. We did a lot of walking the rest of Friday and into Saturday, hoping that I would just go on my own.

I hardly slept Saturday night, because I was just so ready for my boy to be here. We got up and went to the hospital and got there right at 5. Got upstairs to L&D, got into our room, and got the process started. They got my IV in, got me all hooked up, and of course, I had to pee. LOL. At this point, the contractions were still mild, but coming about every 5 minutes. They started the pitocin, and of course the contractions picked up in intensity. Still they were only about every 3-4 minutes, and they weren't completely unbearable. At about 10:30 the intensity picked up even more. I was debating the epidural, I thought maybe I would be able to handle it, because I did, though unwillingly, with Lil Lady. Around 11:00 or so, the anestesiologist came in and put in the epidural, because I was just too uncomfortable, and I really wanted to be able to enjoy delivery. Hubby and my parents went to the cafeteria to get lunch about noon, because he was hungry and Lil Lady was getting fussy. I texted him about 12:30 that the dr had come in, I was at a 5, 100% thinned, and my water had broke so it wouldn't be too much longer. The nurse came in about 40 or so minutes later and I was at a 7, then about 40 minutes later again, I was a 9. They had me try and push, and I needed to wait a little bit longer, because the cervix was folding over and keeping him in there, so they needed it the rest of the way out of the way.

Right about 3pm, the doctor came back in and got me up in the stirrups (which was interesting since I couldn't move my and told me to be ready to push. He got all prepped, and with Hubby & my mom by my side, I started pushing. I pushed 4 times and he was born. The really cool thing was that I felt him come down into the birth canal, and I felt him come out, but there was no pain at all. It was just the pressure. I didn't have that with Lil Lady. It was absolutely amazing. They put him right on my chest, before they even really wiped him off. He was perfect. Perfectly pink, perfect apgar, head full of dark hair. I cried when my mom said that he had a lot of hair, Hubby had tears in his eyes, so did my mom. They took him over to the warmer, cleaned him up, gave him a bath, right there in the room. That was really nice, because the hospital in IL didn't to that with Lil Lady...they took her to the nursery. I had a 2nd degree tear, likely in the same place as the one with Lil Lady, and a couple 1st degree tears. They got me all stitched up and comfy in the bed, then they brought Lil Man to me so that I could breast feed him. He was barely an hour old at that point. He latched on with no issues, and has been a terrific nurser. Overall it was an amazing experience. My mom getting to be there was just awesome. We both cried several times, and it meant so much to me that she was there. It was something I didn't realize would mean so much. It made the experience just that much better.

He was a bit jaundice, and has had to be poked 3 days in a row.  But, the doctor said  that we didn't need to come back unless he started to look worse, and he's actually looking better to me, so....I'm good with that. We go back for his 2 week checkup. He is SUCH a good baby...he really doesn't cry that much, though he does NOT like having his diaper changed. LOL. Neither did Lil Lady though, I don't think. He's just awesome, and so soft, and I just can't get enough of him.

Lil Lady still isn't real sure about him. She doesn't quite get the "you need to be gentle" thing. She mimics me when I pat him on the butt though, which is super cute, and she LOVES giving him kisses. I noticed the other night though that she really misses me. She kept crawling up in my lap and trying to move Lil Man off of me. So, I gave him to Hubby, and snuggled her for a bit and gave her a bath. And holy cow....I knew she was getting big, but she seems SO enormous now! She's such a big baby is growing up!  When you ask her where is her baby, she points to Lil Man and says baby. It's super cute. She's getting used to him, but does NOT like when my mom holds him AT ALL. At the hospital, she threw the biggest fit when my mom held him...the nurses thought something was She doesn't like sharing her

It's definitely different going from 1 to 2, but we're getting the hang of it. And Lil Man being such a good baby definitely helps. 

I look back over the last 5 years, and it absolutely amazes me how blessed I am.  We tried for 3 1/2 years to have Lil Lady, and now we have our miracle boy, and it's just completely awesome.  If you would have told me 5 years ago that in 5 years I would have 2 kids and be living the life I'd always dreamed of, I would have thought you were nuts.....yet here I am...2 beautiful babies, an amazing husband who supports me like I never would have imagined, and close to's perfect.

I love my life, and honestly couldn't ask for more.

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